A Dani Johnson Review…The MLM Diva!

dani-johnson You can hardly look anywhere on the internet without seeing Dani Johnson. This dynamic woman is a sought after speaker on MLM training, lead generation, and business building. I am always looking to see what the true leaders in our industry are doing so I did some digging. The results of that digging are this Dani Johnson review.

Dani Johnson has been training aspiring MLM distributors for years, has been a million dollar distributor herself, and now has an extremely successful multi-million dollar consulting, speaking and training business.

I have never personally attended any of her speaking engagements but, from everything I have read and the testimonials I have watched, the ENERGY is incredible and her students leave with a sense of excitement, hope, and new found knowledge. Some of that knowledge involves learning scripted “call-guides” on how to speak to and recruit MLM leads and turn them into distributors. What we all need to know how to do, right! Well, sort of…I will explain in a bit.

It should come as no surprise that she also has developed and sells many of her own products in addition to a motivational and MLM lead generation and business building membership site called Call to Freedom International (CFI). Her products include scripts and mostly other “offline” marketing strategies. There is also a religious overtone to her website and training, from my understanding which is cool with me. All indications are that Dani Johnson’s training is top-notch.

While learning how to speak with prospects to help turn them into distributors in your MLM business was very important, it is no longer a requirement to building a massively successful MLM or Network Marketing business. Not with the explosion of internet marketing. Now, you can not only generate all of the laser targeted network marketing leads that you could ever want but, with auto-responders, catchy lead capture pages, attraction marketing and other cutting edge online marketing tactics…you can also turn those leads into paying distributors in YOUR business virtually on auto-pilot!

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  1. Ken Thomas says:

    Dani according to web pages on .gov’s 99.98% of all home business are a fraud and a scam they go on to say if they do not list a address and phone number right on their web site there’s no doubt about them being a fraud. and we have been burnt a couple of times for more then we could lose. so what makes your home biz any different. they had logo’s nbc abc good morning America and many more and you know what none of these networks ever heard of these scammers they had all kinds of people swearing to the money they made and showed checks that were all bs just like them each yr these ripoff artist take in over 2 billion dollars a year. what makes you different.why should you be believed at all

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